Jeff Nisen is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, beer drinker, and international sex symbol with a keen knack for over-exaggeration. He began writing his own biography about one sentence ago, and now, after careful consideration, feels confident that he can fill you in on all his relevant life details.

Jeff's musical journey began when he first heard the sweet sounds of anarchy resonating through the guitars of 90's punk rock bands. With a cheap guitar in hand and a voracious appetite to rock, he eventually worked his way into grunge, and then what can only be considered to be a heavy metal obsession. Soon going from Tony Iommi, to Randy Rhoads, to Eddie Van Halen... It seemed the shredding could know no bounds, but then there was a softer side that began to exude from a more delicate corner of his soul. It wasn't long before the likes of James Taylor, The Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash and many other 70's greats began to dominate his musical expression. Finally, to complete the musical picture, a friend gave him a Stevie Ray Vaughan album and he found himself completely enamored with the blues.       

After bouncing around garage bands throughout his teenage years in Southern California, and slowly finding some confidence in his voice, he felt it was time to start a serious band to record an album and hit the road. Enter Sand Section, a three piece band that he started with his long time friends and musical counterparts Tony Gonella (Bass, Vocals) and Sam Mandelbaum (Drums). Their reggae/rock/surf influences coupled with an emphasis on soaring vocal harmonies were encapsulated in their 2010 debut album Truth Over Harmony, which can be heard in its entirety in the "MUSIC" tab. 

After two more releases with Sand Section and several tours, the group finally disbanded in 2013 and Jeff switched his focus back to his hard rock roots. Enter Lose Control, a hard rock band that has spent the last few years touring and releasing two albums that are both available to stream in the MUSIC tab. Lose Control has shared the stage with Pennywise, Pepper, Puddle of Mudd, Shiny Toy Guns, Unwritten Law, and Death By Stereo (check out for more details). The band is finishing up an EP that will be released in late 2018.

Aside from Lose Control, Jeff is also in the band Bret Bollinger and the Bad Habits as guitarist, backing vocalist, songwriter, and music director. Their first release entitled LO-FI was released in November of 2018, and their next release HI-FI is scheduled for release in late 2019. The band has been touring extensively in 2018 and 2019 in support of LO-FI. Jeff also can be seen filling in on guitar for Tomorrows Bad Seeds or playing in yet another side-project of his own called Cheers to Nothing. On top of playing gigs, he is also always hard at work at Kona Town Recording where he is writing and recording songs for one of his projects or for licensing, as well as wearing a production hat, having co-produced Pepper's album, Ohana, (, Copperline's debut EP, and a 2013 release with Mikey Cote ( Currently he is writing with Pepper, Bret Bollinger, and Makua Rothman for their upcoming releases.

That about wraps it up, feel free to contact Jeff for any additional information or show inquiries, and for an in depth look at some funny life stories, be sure to check out the BLOG tab. Oh, and he almost forgot, he is also co-hosted a weekly podcast called Another Take which can be found, you guessed it, by clicking the PODCAST tab.